Workplace by Facebook Course for Managers

Workplace by Facebook Course for Managers


The Workplace by Facebook Course for Managers goes beyond learning features and functionality. The course is designed to help leaders at all levels of an organization be better leaders using Workplace by Facebook. The world is changing and leaders need to keep up.


Workplace by Facebook is a communications platform that managers can use to bring teams together, communicate more effectively with their teams and with other leaders in the organization, and even use innovative approaches to managing the one-on-one process with direct reports. This is a hands on course that goes beyond the features and functionality of Workplace by Facebook and helps managers be better leaders using Workplace by Facebook.

Note: Managers should come to this course prepared to participate in activities and practice concepts learned in the course.


3 hours


This course has no prerequisites. However, general knowledge of Workplace by Facebook end user functionality will be helpful.


  • Value of being connected

  • FB Overview

    • What is it? / How different than FB for consumers

    • Security / Privacy

    • Functionality Overview

  • 3 Layers of Work on Workplace by Facebook (exposure to types of work to encourage. See End user course for details)

    • Social

    • Communications

    • Work

  • Competencies of the modern manager

    • Leading Teams

    • Feedback, performance management, goal setting, the 1:1

    • Communications

  • Bring your teams together

    • Events, Team building, kudos, potlucks, polls/idea generation, kudos/public praise, celebrate successes, agenda building, etc

  • The 1:1

    • Secret groups, the 1:1, agending building, feedback, meeting notes, document achievements

  • Communications and Messaging

    • Reinforce leadership messaging, Team AMA, Video messages, live stream meetings, remind teams of goals, status updates, communicate summaries you hear from meetings with upper management

  • Settings and Preferences

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