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Jira Essentials Jira Software Jira Core Introductory User $300 $3000 $7500
Jira Essentials with Agile Mindset Jira Software Introductory User $300 $3000 $7500
Jira Administration Part 1: Getting up and Running Jira Software Jira Core Jira Service Desk Introductory Administrator $400 $4000 $7500
Jira Server Administration Part 2: Taking it to the next level Jira Software Jira Core Introductory to intermediate Administrator $400 $4000 $7500
Planning with Portfolio for Jira Jira Align Introductory to intermediate Project Admins Administrators $400 $4000 $7500
Jira Server Admin: Getting a Service Desk up and running Jira Service Desk Introductory to intermediate Administrators Project Admins $400 $4000 $7500
Jira & Confluence Together Jira Software Jira Core Confluence Introductory Users $300 $3000 $7500
Realizing the Power of Jira Reporting & Dashboards Jira Software Introductory Users $400 $4000 $7500
Getting More from Jira Workflows Jira Software Jira Core Intermediate Administrators $400 $4000 $7500
Confluence Server Essentials Confluence Introductory Users $400 $4000 $7500
Confluence Server Administration Confluence Introductory Administrations Space Administrators $400 $4000 $7500

Pricing is in USD, for Australian pricing please reach out to our team.

Official Atlassian Training Credits

Training Credits offer the most convenient way to purchase Atlassian University training. Account owners have 12 months from the date of purchase to redeem training credits.

ServiceRocket will help you get a Training Credit account setup and answer any questions you have. Get your licenses, training, enterprise support and add-ons from a single local provider. Our friendly concierge team will ensure a delightful process, and can assist with aligning the license dates - to create a single annual transaction, to handling Purchase Orders (POs) - for special procurement processes, we are here to help.

Key benefits

  • Accommodate multiple individuals' varied training needs and still avoid multiple procurement hassles with a one-time purchase of Training Credits.
  • Manage a single account and optionally share passkeys to redeem training.
  • Automatic reports on usage and balance.
  • Redeem OnDemand courses with Training Credits to control the 30 day access start date
  • Earn a 20% bulk discount starting at 20,000 credits for $16,000 USD.
  • Leverage your "use or lose" budgets to guarantee your team has training options.
  • Pre-purchase with confidence even if you haven't planned your training strategy.
  • Purchase here with us (via credit card) to select any amount of training credits to redeem on any Atlassian University training within a year.

Data Sheet

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Volume Discount

Save 20% when you purchase 20,000 credits or more.

Number of Credits Discount $ per Credit
0 - 19,999 0% $1.00
20,000+ 20% $0.80

If you're considering purchasing between 16,000-19,999 credits, you should purchase 20,000 and take advantage of the 20% discount. Here are some examples:

  • Purchase 3,500 credits for $3,500
  • Purchase 18,000 credits for $18,000
  • Purchase 20,000 credits for $16,000
  • Purchase 30,000 credits for $24,000
Redemption of 1 credit is $1. Credits must be redeemed and consumed within 12 months from purchase.

Jira Training App

We know getting your team up and running on Jira can be a challenge. Training for Jira contains a growing collection of short, interactive tutorials, designed to get teams over the hump and using Jira quickly.

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Jumpstart your team's adoption of Jira

Tutorials cover a wide variety of topics

* Basic terminology and concepts

* Using Jira to get work done

* Advanced topics like writing JQL queries

Learn important Jira tasks

Watch how to get things done and listen to optional voice-over narration

* See how tasks are done, and learn tips and tricks through real-life scenarios

* Choose what you want to learn, whenever you want to

Validate your knowledge with quizzes

Quizzes are interactive and fun, and they help you learn

* Answer optional quiz questions to make sure you’re getting it

* Learn from answer feedback. Did you get it right? If not, learn why not.

Custom Training on Atlassian products by ServiceRocket

We also build and deliver custom training for teams in various formats, including eLearning, virtual or onsite, to meet your training use-case.

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