Training Credits

Training Credits

What are Flexible Training Credits?

Flexible Training Credits are a convenient and cost effective way of purchasing ServiceRocket Self-paced or Instructor-led Training services. Each credit can be used to purchase $250 USD list value of training courses and each service has a price in both dollars and credits.

Advantages of Credits

  1. Allows procurement when the details of the required training services are not known or readily available. E.g.:
    • Required courses, number of attendees, locations, and delivery methods not defined yet.
    • Budget set aside to later purchase training and certification services for previously unseen needs.
  2. Easier to administer:
    • Can be purchased centrally and allocated to teams within an organization.
    • A simple Credit Key can be used to allow students to self-register for services and apply the credits.
  3. Can leverage scale:
    • Volume purchase allows discount to be applied.

What Volume Discounts are Available?

Credits can be purchased in ANY quantity, with volume discounts applying for quantities meeting the following pricing tiers.


< 80
> 80
(Save 20%)
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