Complete Atlassian Suite Developer Bundle

Complete Atlassian Suite Developer Bundle


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The Complete Atlassian Suite Developer Bundle is a collection of core topics that all developers should master, especially developers who work in agile (scrum or kanban) environments and are using git. Thinking in terms of the software development lifecycle, a developer can (among other things):

  • Use Confluence to keep product management up-to-date on sprint progress or run retrospectives in a distributed environment. 
  • Track all work in JIRA. 
  • Conduct sprint planning in JIRA Agile. 
  • Manage the code repository in Stash. 
  • Set up builds in Bamboo. 

The Complete Atlassian Suite Developer Learning Pathway is designed to provide everything a developer needs to learn in order to use the Atlassian product suite to define, track, write, build, and ship code so your teams can build better products.

Each course in the pathway is a live course delivered by some of the best instructors in the world through virtual classroom technology. Once you purchase and enroll in this pathway, you will select dates and times for each session.

The normal price for each course is $500 per person. When you purchase the Complete Atlassian Suite Developer Learning Pathway, which contains six courses, you pay $1,699, saving over $1,300 on training.

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Applying the Software Development Lifecycle in the Atlassian Suite

For an overview of how to apply the software development lifecycle using the Atlassian product suite, we recorded a webinar to describe how put all these products together to help DevOps teams before more effective. This webinar recording is an excellent primer to the Complete Atlassian Suite Developer Learning Pathway. Get the FREE webinar recording now!


The Complete Atlassian Suite Developer Bundle is a collection of six courses. A description for each course in this bundle is listed below.


18 hour(s)


The ideal jumpstart for teams using JIRA Software, covers all features of the product from an end-user, developer and project manager's perspective, and provides a solid foundation for users with all levels of experience.
Improve your JIRA efficiency by creating, editing and scheduling issues faster. Covering important product features such as the Planning, Work and Report Boards, and essential tips on searching projects through Filters and Custom Boards.
Providing a solid foundation for you and other users with all levels of experience. Learn how to become a more active contributor in your enterprise wiki.
Learn how to use Bitbucket to host repositories, manage repository permissions, and collaborate using pull requests. Beginning with an overview of Bitbucket features, the course then dives right in on how to make code changes, review and comment on code in-line, and view pull request history.
The ideal starting point for software development teams and organisations wanting to improve their software build process. Learn how to automate your software development build process and use this automation to collaborate more effectively within a development team environment.
Learn how to maintain an effective build server in your organisation. Build software projects written in any language, connect Bamboo with JIRA and Stash. A range of best practices are also explained, and your will gain insight into how to distribute builds to remote machines to utilize additional resources.
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