Complete JIRA Administrator Bundle

Complete JIRA Administrator Bundle


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The Complete JIRA Administrator Bundle is a collection of core topics that JIRA Administrators need to master, from foundational end user functionality to JIRA query language (JQL) and everything in between. Each course in the bundle is a live course delivered by some of the best JIRA instructors in the world through virtual classroom technology. Once you purchase and enroll in this bundle, you will select dates and times for each session. 

The normal price for each course is $500 per person. When you purchase the Complete JIRA Administrator Bundle, which contains four JIRA courses, you pay $1,199, saving over $800 on JIRA training. 


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The Complete JIRA Administrator Bundle is a collection of four JIRA courses. A description for each course in this bundle is listed below.


12 hour(s)


The ideal jumpstart for teams using JIRA Software, covers all features of the product from an end-user, developer and project manager's perspective, and provides a solid foundation for users with all levels of experience.
Focusing on two popular features of the product - data reporting and using the JIRA Query Language (JQL). The course starts with a "coding by example" approach to explaining JQL, including structuring your queries, setting up browser shortcuts to increase efficiency, understanding field references, using filters with JQL and some of the most popular functions.
Covering the tasks and best practices that every JIRA administrator should know when setting up and maintaining their JIRA instance. Attendees from this session will become proficient with user management techniques, project roles, time tracking, mail servers, daily maintenance, security, JIRA plugins and upgrading JIRA.
Covering all administrative features of JIRA related to customisation of the workflow and data capture. Become proficient with creation of custom fields, new issue types, workflow statuses, transitions, post functions, field configurations, mandatory fields, hidden fields, workflow schemes and applying a workflow to an existing business process.
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