Tutorial: Using JIRA Effectively eLearning

Tutorial: Using JIRA Effectively eLearning


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There are times when you know how to use a software product to do your basic job, but you wish you knew those tips and shortcuts that your colleagues just seems to know naturally. In this tutorial, we focus on demonstrating a few key tasks that will help you be more effective using JIRA and therefore, more effective doing your job.


For example, you will learn how to set up and use Activity Streams to follow the work your team is doing. You will also learn how to keep others informed and involved in tasks through notifications, sharing issues, and @ mentions. This is just a partial list of tasks you will learn in the practical, short tutorial on Using JIRA Effectively.


  • Following work being performed on issues with Activity Streams 
  • Complete your User Profile 
  • Get people involved in issues with Notifications, Sharing Issues, and @Mentions 
  • Update many issues with Bulk Operations and Rapid Issue Creation 
  • Track your time in Issues 
  • Use Sub-Tasks to further categorize and assign tasks 
  • Learn important keyboard shortcuts to improve your effeciciency on JIRA

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  • Google Chrome 17 or later
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