Workshop: How to Design Your Customer Education Strategy

Workshop: How to Design Your Customer Education Strategy


What would you do if your CEO came to you and said, “We need to 10X the number of customers who complete our training in the next twelve months. Product use is down, churn is up, and revenue growth is slowing. I need your plan by next Thursday.” After your panic attack recedes, you probably say to yourself, “How am I going to do that?” If you can relate to this exchange, then keep calm and attend this workshop. In it you will learn how to be ready for that challenge with customer education strategy design. In this workshop, you will learn how to design your customer education strategy and actually start working on it. Right here in this session. If you are responsible for on-boarding or helping customers learn your product, this session is for you.

*** This workshop is limited to 12 customer education leaders to maximize value at the intersection of personal attention, peer learning, and professional networking ***


Those of us who work for fast-growing enterprise, B2B, SaaS companies know that we need to continuously strive to improve: Product adoption Customer retention Revenue Whether we know it or not, like it or not, we better be designing and executing strategies that improve one of these three high priority metrics, whatever our role. This is especially true for customer education leaders because customer education, if done properly, can increase product adoption, customer retention, and revenue. This workshop will help you design a strategy so that customer education is tightly aligned with business goals and makes a direct impact on those business goals. Once you learn the three step process for designing your customer education strategy, you will start working on your strategy in the workshop. You will leave the workshop with a first draft of your strategy. An added and invaluable benefit of this workshop is that as you work in your strategy, you will work with and learn from others who are also designing their customer education strategies. You will hear multiple perspectives, learn from each other, and see solutions in a whole new way. Customer education strategy design is a critical skill and all customer education leaders must learn it so they have the tools necessary to respond to the CEOs request to see a customer education plan by next week!


7 hour(s)


At the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • List your top 3-5 company goals
  • Determine your top 3-5 customer education goals
  • Align customer education goals with company goals
  • Assess and determine the current state of maturity of your customer education function
  • Set a target maturity stage for your customer education function
  • Create a near-term and long-term roadmap plan of action to execute your customer education strategy

During the workshop, you will start designing your customer education strategy. This is a working session. 


This workshop is intended for anyone who wants to lead efforts in their organization to deliver effective training to customers.

Your role might be:

  • Customer education
  • Customer success
  • Professional services
  • Marketing

Those new to the field will learn how to design a customer education strategy from scratch to get a head start. Experienced customer education leaders will learn a new strategy design process and use it to take a fresh look at their existing strategy so as to make improvements and level up what they are doing today.


The only prerequisite is that you have some responsibility for helping your customers learn your software to achieve some outcome. If you have that, you will get a lot out of this workshop.

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