How to Launch

How to Launch


You just signed up for Workplace by Facebook, but you don’t know how to roll it out to your company. You know that adding users and sending them an email to announce it is the wrong way to do it, but you do not know what the right way is. Not to worry. This course is designed for you. You will walk away from this course with a draft of a rollout plan to ensure you have a successful implementation.


None of us needed any formal training to learn how to use Facebook or Messenger, so a common belief is that organizations can launch Workplace and WorkChat believing that familiarity with the product will negate the need for learning. However, no matter how easy a product is to use, when it promises to change the way a company operates, people need to understand and learn this new way of working in order to accept it and adopt it.

A well-planned rollout plan is critical to ensure your organization adopts Workplace.

This course is designed to help you think through each element of an effective rollout plan, tailor it for your own circumstances, and create a draft of your plan. Then, after you complete this course, you can go back to your team and present the first draft of your plan, knowing that you have consider everything you need to lead a successful rollout.

Note: You should come to this course prepared to participate in activities and build your rollout plan throughout the course. This course is a working session.

Private training option: This course can also be taught in private online or on-site sessions with your entire rollout team together. Private training is a cost effective way to get an entire team together and to customize the course based in your particular needs based on the nature of participation. Contact us and ask us how you can get private training for your entire team.


3 hour(s)


This course has no prerequisites. However, the course will be more effective if you already have a Workplace account set up, and if you are familiar with how Workplace works.


In this course, you will learn to:

  • Create a draft of an implementation plan
  • Create a communications plan that covers the why, what, and how (in that order) for choosing Workplace
  • Anticipate and document administrative tasks to complete, including user management and possible integrations, add-ons, and bots.
  • Assemble a champions team of early adopters who will evangelize and promote the use of Workplace throughout your organization.
  • Configure your Workplace instance so that when it is launch, employees log in and see a familiar environment of groups, events, and content relevant to them.
  • Get your executive team involved in the rollout with action plans for them to execute and lead the way throughout the rollout and in an on-going way.

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