Jam Session: Salesforce and Jira (Server)

Jam Session: Salesforce and Jira (Server)


Looking for the JIRA Cloud Connector version of this Jam Session?

Let’s face it. You have developers, engineers, and other IT teams working on customer projects in JIRA, while at the same time, your service and sales teams work in Salesforce on customer interactions. Although both groups of people are working on customer projects, no one seems to have a complete picture of the customer. Imagine if you could connect Salesforce and JIRA so that customer data flows between the two systems. Finally, your technology teams and your service and sales organizations would have a complete picture of your customers.

Using our Salesforce and JIRA Connector, your sales team would know the status of customer feature requests before making that sales call. Your software developers would know about open customer escalations raise in customer service. These are just two examples of how you can use our Salesforce and JIRA Connector to provide your teams a more complete view of your customers.

In this one hour Jam Session, you will learn what our Salesforce and JIRA Connector can do and how it can be used to connect your Salesforce and JIRA instances so you can improve how your organization works on customer projects: finally, with a complete view.


In this Jam session, you will learn how to:

  • Install the connector
  • Send Salesforce data to JIRA so JIRA users can view Salesforce in JIRA 
  • Configure the connector that that Salesforce data is viewable in JIRA and that JIRA data is viewable in Salesforce 
  • Create, edit, and sync customer data back-and-forth between Salesforce and JIRA


1 hour

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