Jira Fundamentals

Jira Fundamentals


The ideal jumpstart for teams using JIRA Software, covers all features of the product from an end-user, developer and project manager's perspective, and provides a solid foundation for users with all levels of experience.


Attendees from this session will become proficient with creating issues, using the workflow, assigning issues to other users, attachments, bulk operations, linking issues, searching for issues, saving searches for later use and setting up a personal dashboard.

Note: This course is geared towards the Download, not the Cloud version. Though there are some differences, the main concepts are the same. If you would like to discuss how training can address the Cloud version, contact us and ask about a private organization session.

This course is also geared towards people using JIRA Software, not JIRA Core or JIRA Service Desk. For JIRA Service Desk take a look at our JIRA Service Desk course.


3 hour(s)


This course requires no prior knowledge of JIRA Software

Additional Notes

All training courses are delivered as a 3 hour interactive web seminar using a teleconference service for audio. Our instructors demonstrate product concepts during the session using a set of PowerPoint slides and practical examples in the product itself. Prior to the session you will receive a PDF copy of the slides for note-taking, which will also be a great reference after the session.


  • Product introduction
  • Applications, uses and examples
  • JIRA core concepts
  • Issue creation
  • Workflow walkthrough
  • Project setup
  • Components and versions
  • Tracking issues
  • Filters and subscriptions
  • Using JIRA effectively
  • Setting up dashboards
  • JIRA extensions
  • Discussion with instructor

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