Train Your Champions

Train Your Champions


The two most important factors that ensure a successful Workplace by Facebook implementation are committed executive leadership and a champions team that leads and evangelizes the early use of Workplace to drive adoption. The Workplace by Facebook Course for Champions is a comprehensive learning experience designed to create a team of champions that will lead the way in any Workplace implementation.


In the Workplace by Facebook Course for Champions, participants will learn about why Workplace exists and how it is different than Facebook but at the same time aligned with the Facebook mission to make the world more open and connected. With this background as a foundation for the course, champions will go deep and learn the Workplace functionality so they can lead by example and also help other people in their company use it more effectively. In the last part of the course, champions will learn how to be a champion, which includes how to inspire people to use Workplace and pull people into a more open and connected company.

Note: Champions should come to this course prepared to participate in activities and practice concepts learned in the course.

Private training option: This course can also be taught in private onite sessions with entire champions teams together. This is a very effective way to conduct this training and get your champions team on the right track for a successful Workplace launch. Contact us and ask us how you can get private champions training for your entire team. Private training can be very cost effective. 


3 hour(s)


This course has no prerequisites.


The Workplace Champions team is one of the most important elements of a successful Workplace rollout. Champions are early adopters. Champions lead by example. Champions set the norms. Champions pull people in and inspire them to use Workplace.

In this course, champions will learn to:

  • Communicate why the organization is rolling out Workplace
  • Explain the difference between Facebook and Workplace and why it matters to understand the difference
  • Help people understand how to communicate and collaborate more effectively and get more done
  • Deal with colleague resistance and objections (there will be resistance, but champions will understand and anticipate this)
  • Lead the way in helping change the way the company is run


Champions are leaders and will be a key factor in driving change in your company. At least, they will be after they complete this course. 


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