Compose tabs in your Wiki. Keep tabs on your Work.

This plugin provides you with the ability to do the following tasks:
  • Create Cards and Decks of your Confluence information
  • Organize these Cards into Tabs to logically organize your information
  • Toggle the visibility of portions of your pages
  • Created floating sections of highlighted text and other Confluence content

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icon_Course Organize your Content Don't drown your users in information. Organize your content into smart tabs to make your pages more user friendly and digestible. Tabs can be configured in various ways via the ui or by specifying custom CSS classes.
icon_Course Hide away the details, Highlight what is important. Use the Toggle and Cloak macros to show a quick outline of your page and let your users drill down to the level of detail that they need. Float important content to highlight the critical information in your Confluence page.
icon_Course Works with Confluence 4.0+ Compatible with the new Confluence 4.0 (and above!) editor and enhanced to work seamlessly with the new powerful Confluence editor. Deploy with confidence knowing that our global team is there to support you.

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Pricing is dependent upon the license tier of Confluence where the add-on will be installed. We allow the use of production license in testing and development environments without extra charge. Payment can be made via credit card or fund transfer. ServiceRocket has a "0 Net" term policy and the license keys will be released when full payment is received. Please take note that POs are for your reference only. We do not accept POs as a form of payment, however if you have a Master Services Agreement (MSA) signed with ServiceRocket or your purchase exceeds over $6000, we will release your licenses while the payment is being completed.

  • Pricing per Confluence instance and includes email-based administration/setup support and all maintenance releases and patches for 12 months.
  • Orders for evaluation licenses are processed automatically and immediately. Commercial orders are processed at the end of each day.
  • For more information please refer to our Purchasing FAQ
  • Eligible Non-profits can apply for our Free Community License program.
Confluence Edition New Price* Renewal Price
10 users (Starter) $10 $10

25 users

$120 $60
50 users $220 $110
100 users $400 $200
250 users $800 $400
500 users $1200 $600
2000 users $1600 $800
10,000 users $2000 $1000
10,000+ users $2400 $1200

All prices in USD. All purchases less than $1000 must be paid for on credit card.

Upgrade Pricing

A new license is issued with 12 months validity. The credit for existing license is already factored into the upgrade price.

Current Confluence Edition to 25 Users to 50 Users to 100 Users to 250 Users to 500 Users to 2000 Users to 10,000 Users to 10,000+ Users
10 users


$215 $395 $795 $1195 $1595 $1995 $2395
25 users   $160 $340 $740 $1140 $1540 $1940 $2340
50 users     $290 $690 $1090 $1490 $1890 $2290
100 users       $600 $1000 $1400 $1800 $2200
250 users         $800 $1200 $1600 $2000
500 users           $1000 $1400 $1800
2000 users          
$1200 $1600
10,000 users               $1400

All prices in USD. *License is issued with the same expiry date as previous one.

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