Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira

Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira

Classic Connector for Salesforce & Jira

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Connector for Salesforce & Jira enables automatic synchronization between Salesforce objects and Jira issues. Reduce mistakes, redundancies, and confusion – all while collaborating, and accessing data in both systems at once.

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  • Improve communication and collaboration between siloed teams
  • Ensure transparency for users about updates, escalations, and processes


  • Create Salesforce objects directly from Jira and vice versa
  • Synchronize aggregated comments and attachments in both systems
  • Complete field mapping or read-only access to the other system data
  • View, create, and associate Jira issue in Salesforce. Install the Salesforce App certified by Salesforce


  • Streamline the support <> development escalation process
  • Manage customers licenses and contracts
  • Automate product release coordination


ServiceRocket has a "0 Net" term policy and the license keys will be released when full payment is received. Please take note that POs are for your reference only. We do not accept POs as a form of payment, however, if you, have a Master Services Agreement (MSA) signed with ServiceRocket or your purchase exceeds over $6000, we will release your licenses while the payment is being completed. 

  • All prices in USD.
  • Pricing includes email-based support and all maintenance releases and patches for 12 months.
  • We allow the use of production licenses in testing and development environments without extra charge.
  • For orders over $1000, payment can be made via credit card or fund transfer.
  • For orders less than $1000, payment must be paid for on credit card.
  • Eligible Non-profits can apply for our Free Community License program.

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New & Renewal Pricing

Your JIRA Edition New Price Renewal Price
10 users (Starter) $10* $10*
25 users $600 $300
50 users $1,100 $550
100 users $2,000 $1,000
250 users $4,000 $2,000
500 users $6,000 $3,000
2,000 users $8,000 $4,000
10,000 users $10,000 $5,000
10,000+ users $12,000 $6,000
Note: Your selected license tier must match your current JIRA user tier. 
*Starter license price is per year.

Upgrade Pricing

Current JIRA Edition to 25 Users to 50 Users to 100 Users to 250 Users to 500 Users to 2,000 Users to 10,000 Users to 10,000+ Users
10 users $595 $1095 $1995 $3995 $5995 $7995 $9995 $11995
25 Users   $800 $1700 $3700 $5700 $7700 $9700 $11700
50 Users     $1450 $3450 $5450 $7450 $9450 $11450
100 Users       $3000 $5000 $7000 $9000 $11000
250 Users         $4000 $6000 $8000 $10000
500 Users           $5000 $7000 $9000
2000 Users             $6000 $8000
10,000 Users               $7000

Note: A new license is issued with 12 months validity. The credit for the existing license is already factored into the upgrade price.



This connector provides you with the ability to do the following tasks:
  • Create issues in JIRA from Salesforce
  • Map multiple Salesforce cases to a single JIRA issue
  • Synchronize updates and comments in Salesforce and JIRA
  • Generate integrated reports across JIRA and Salesforce data for product planning

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icon_Course Flexibility and Control You now have fine grained control and can customize how the fields from Salesforce display in JIRA. We introspect your Salesforce system and allow you to dynamically map fields between JIRA and Salesforce
icon_Course Administration Diagnostics Because the Connector is built upon the NextGen Connector framework, it can take advantage of advanced features, such as Administration Diagnostics. Allowing administrators to rapidly detect and correct errors.
icon_Course Sync and Scale Your developers work in JIRA, your sales/support staff work in Salesforce – keep them both in sync. You can now re-use mappings and connections across integrations, saving time during administration and developed to be highly scalable.
icon_Course Certified by Salesforce AppExchange certified – the ServiceRocket Salesforce & JIRA Server Connector was the first Atlassian integration certified by Salesforce, surpassing their stringent security requirements and intrusion detection.
icon_Course Tested by Atlassian We worked closely with Atlassian and large enterprises in the development of the NextGen Connector framework. We designed it with their architects and it has been QA’d and code reviewed by their team.
icon_Course Get it local, Get it Hosted The ServiceRocket Salesforce & JIRA Server Connector is certified to run on local JIRA installations as well as Atlassian’s own hosted infrastructure.

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