Give your organization support they need.

icon_Course Immediate support response to Critical issues 
Your critical incidents will get on top of our support engineers queue. You will receive support on 4 critical (Severity 1) incidents with 90 minutes guaranteed SLA and unlimited priority support on other severities.
icon_Course Authorised technical contacts 
Three individual from your organizations will be given full access to all available channels, this will ensure that those individuals have an established relationship with the support team to reduce the back and forth.
icon_Course Installation Support 
We provide installation, initial set up and onboarding support to make sure you are up an running with our add-ons in no time.
icon_Course Non-business Hours Support
Get the support you need when you need it with 24/5 Enterprise Support with after-hours issue resolution. 



Support Plan Offerings




24/5 Enterprise
Support Extension*


Email Support

Web Portal Access

Priority Response
Immediate jump to the top of the queue


Guaranteed Response Time


Average SLA (Depending on severity)

< 24 hours

< 4 hours

< 3 hours

< 3 hours


Critical Incidents



4 Guaranteed SLA Incidents

4 Guaranteed SLA Incidents


Price Protection



Managed Forum Access



24/5 Support



Installation Support


Implementation Services


Phone Support







Contact us

 * For 24/5 extension and implementation support packages please contact us.

Support Details Definition


Definition of Severities and SLAs (Enterprise Support Plan)



S1 - Critical Impact

Total failure of components, affecting majority users. Unable to continue working.

90 minutes

(Business Hours)

S2 - Major Impact

Failure or inhibited performance of a component, affecting multiple users. The operation can continue in a restricted fashion.

3 hours

(Business Hours)

S3 – Moderate Impact

Moderate loss of application functionality. The impact is an inconvenience and workaround is possible.

5 hours

(Business Hours)

S4 – Minor Impact

Minor loss of application functionality, minimal impact to the business.General Support/Configuration/ Enhancement Request.

24 hours

(Business Hours)




Business Hours

North America

9 AM - 6 PM (PST)

9 AM - 6 PM (EST)

Latin America (LATAM)

9 AM - 6 PM

Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA)

9 AM - 6 PM (CET)

Asia Pacific & Australia (APAC)

9 AM -6 PM (AEDT)