Learndot Pathways for Confluence

Learndot Pathways for Confluence

Learndot Pathways for Confluence

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Learndot Pathways for Confluence allows admins to easily link and sequence content residing in one or more Confluence projects or spaces. It groups important information in step-by-step tutorial-like structures for users enrolled in that pathway. 


Learndot Pathways, the best way to deliver and track complex content in Confluence.

The Learndot Pathways Add-on enables you to create beautiful step-by-step guides on Confluence pages. You can track users' completion of various pages and keep large sets of pages organized in an intuitive way. 

The Benefits

  • Improved knowledge management and user productivity: Employees spend roughly 9 hours a week searching for information.* What they need may be siloed or mixed with other content deep in your wiki. Learndot Pathways cuts clutter to easily deliver just what your users need.
  • Increased visibility for enrolled users and admins: Workers need specific information to complete tasks and meet requirements. Learndot Pathways creates a sequenced path through your wiki to simplify multi-step processes like onboarding, product training and compliance. 
  • Engagement and consumption promotion and measurement: If it’s your job to confirm important content is reviewed, sending emails won’t scale. Let Learndot Pathways track their progress and inform you when they’re done. Your time is valuable too.

Key Features

  • Visual pathway outlining completed and future content
  • Consumption/completion tracking
  • Simple admin interface
  • Link related information across Confluence projects
  • Sequence content in a specific order


Pricing is dependent upon the license tier of Confluence where the add-on will be installed. We allow the use of production license in testing and development environments without extra charge. Payment can be made via credit card or fund transfer. ServiceRocket has a "0 Net" term policy and the license keys will be released when full payment is received. Please take note that POs are for your reference only. We do not accept POs as a form of payment, however if you have a Master Services Agreement (MSA) signed with ServiceRocket or your purchase exceeds over $6000, we will release your licenses while the payment is being completed.

  • Pricing is per Confluence instance and includes email-based administration/setup support and all maintenance releases and patches for 12 months.
  • Orders for evaluation licenses are processed automatically and immediately. Commercial orders are processed at the end of each day.
  • For more information please refer to our Purchasing FAQ.
  • Eligible Non-profits can apply for our Free Community License program.
Confluence Edition New Price* Renewal Price
10 users (Starter) $10 $10

25 users

$280 $140
50 users $500 $250
100 users $920 $460
250 users $1800 $900
500 users $2800 $1400
2000 users $3600 $1800
10,000 users $4600 $2300
10,000+ users $5600 $2800

All prices in USD. All purchases less than $1000 must be paid for on credit card.

Upgrade Pricing

A new license is issued with 12 months validity. The credit for existing license is already factored into the upgrade price.

Current Confluence Edition to 25 Users to 50 Users to 100 Users to 250 Users to 500 Users to 2000 Users to 10,000 Users to 10,000+ Users
10 users


$490 $910


$2790 $3590 $4590 $5590
25 users   $360 $780 $1660 $2660 $3460 $4460 $5460
50 users     $670 $1550 $2550 $3350 $4350 $5350
100 users       $1340 $2340 $3140 $4140 $5140
250 users         $1900 $2700 $3700 $4700
500 users           $2200 $3200 $4200
2000 users             $2800 $3800
10,000 users               $3300

All prices in USD. *License is issued with the same expiry date as previous one.

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