TrustedAdvisor for JIRA

TrustedAdvisor for JIRA

TrustedAdvisor for JIRA | JIRA Optimization

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A Subscription for a
Healthy JIRA.

Concerned about the health and utilization of your JIRA?

More than a just checkup, TrustedAdvisor for JIRA is a prescription for long-term system health and optimization.

It allows companies to reduce operational risk and improve application productivity by:

  • Monitoring Application health and utilization

  • Identifying issues, risks and solutions

  • Simplifying security and license management

Comparing baseline performance to benchmarks, best practices and business goals

What's Included:

  • An Annual Baseline Report to define and measure application health
  • A Prescriptive Roadmap to maintain optimal health and productivity
  • A Quarterly Review to assess key metrics and roadmap progress
  • Security and License Concierge to simplify security and license management


TrustedAdvisor allows Atlassian JIRA Users to reduce operational risk and uncertainty.

5 days after we gather your information, TrustedAdvisor provides you with a baseline report that:

  • Documents the health of your system
  • Delivers immediate and long-term guidance
  • Benchmarks your usage against known standards
  • Provides baseline data to compare against quarterly performance
  • Evaluates license consolidation and security alerts

Make informed Decisions

TrustedAdvisor allows you to make informed technical and business decisions by assessing the:
  • Suitability of your JIRA and Confluence hardware and software configuration
  • Disposition of the underlying JIRA/Confluence database
  • Use of third party software ( e.g.: web servers and plug-ins) that can cause operational issues
  • Performance of your JIRA implementation

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