Workplace by Facebook Technical Integration Scoping Workshop

Workplace by Facebook Technical Integration Scoping Workshop

Workplace by Facebook Technical Integration Scoping Workshop

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The Workplace by Facebook Technical Integration Scoping Workshop will help you reduce friction in your organization by connecting Workplace to your other enterprise systems, like ERP, CRM, HRIS, ITSM, and other enterprise systems. The Workshop will help you translate your business needs into an actionable project plan. At ServiceRocket we do not believe you need an army of consultants to work on a seemingly endless list of technical integrations, which is why our technical integration workshop is designed to provide you with a prioritized list of integrations and project scoping document so that your team can go do the work. Our goals is to help you discover what is possible, how much effort it will take to do the work, and then get out of your way.


The Technical Integration Scoping Workshop has two simple steps.

Step One

 Step one is structured as a four hour workshop, focused on the following key items:

  • Identification and definition of business objectives and target outcomes.
  • Validation of the information architecture to support these business objectives; identification of the systems that will provide this information and definition of the integration required to achieve the desired results.
  • Definition of the user interface, main screens, and workflow to support the business process.
  • Proactive identification of go-live issues including data migration, testing and cut-over schedule and systems management issues including scalability, security and administration issues.
The first step can be delivered either onsite or remotely. In our experience, as project teams become more dispersed, customers prefer the remote model. We have the infrastructure and experience to ensure the success of either approach.

Step Two

Step two focuses on documentation of these requirements. ServiceRocket will document output from the workshop in a report that contains high-level:

  • Prioritized list of enterprise systems for possible integration
  • Description of the level of effort needed to do the prioritized integrations
  • Implementation Plan
This information will be presented to you in a one hour follow-up meeting to answer any questions or clarify any issues that may still be of concern to you.

What to expect from ServiceRocket

ServiceRocket's success is built on the best available, and reliable expertise; best-practice driven methodologies and a set of core values focused on project outcomes and delighting the customer. Our experience has shown to us - and many of our customers - that the Workplace Technical Integration Scoping Workshop is the ideal way to help your team identify the right integrations, targeted at the right friction points, to help make it easy for your people to get their work done and your organization deliver on its mission.