Facilitate Knowledge Transfer

Facilitate Knowledge Transfer

Facilitate Knowledge Transfer

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Facilitate knowledge transfer

What is Knowledge Transfer

In organizational theory, knowledge transfer is the practical problem of transferring knowledge from one part of the organization to another. Like knowledge management, knowledge transfer seeks to organize, create, capture or distribute knowledge and ensure its availability for future users. It is considered to be more than just a communication problem. If it were merely that, then a memorandum, an e-mail or a meeting would accomplish the knowledge transfer. Knowledge transfer is more complex because (1) knowledge resides in organizational members, tools, tasks, and their subnetworks[1] and (2) much knowledge in organizations is tacit or hard to articulate.[2] The subject has been taken up under the title of knowledge management since the 1990s. This is the definition from Wikipedia.

How can I apply this

Having each team document processes, news and trends in a single common knowledge collection point that is shared by all and read only (for non-critical items), teams will easily be able to share and more easily work together.

How do I know that we are using this strategy

"What are the upcoming Marketing initiatives, how can we more closely align with them?", "What is engineering working on?", "What are problems support is currently having trouble with?" ... "Check their space in Confluence"

How many of the 7 knowledge management concepts do you use? Can you make use of more features or functionality that would allow you to embrace even more of these strategies?

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