Harvest your Intellectual Capital

Harvest your Intellectual Capital

Harvest your Intellectual Capital

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Harvest your Intellectual Capital

What is Intellectual Capital

The intangible assets of a firm. These include competencies, culture and connections that enable and foster innovation, agility, awareness, adaptation and corporate survival. KM plays a role in mapping, recording, evaluating, stewarding, marketing and growing intellectual capital and knowledge assets. This is the definition from Wikipedia.

How can I apply this

Your organisation has key competencies, a culture and facilitates connections between employees. By using a single common point that is shared by all, your organisation is able to collect, harvest and mine this data.

How do I know that we are using this strategy

"Have we ever done anything like this before?", "Is there a process or methodology I need to follow", "Where is the latest version of the process?" ... "Check Confluence"

How many of the 7 knowledge management concepts do you use? Can you make use of more features or functionality that would allow you to embrace even more of these strategies?

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