Increasing your Corporate Memory with Confluence

Increasing your Corporate Memory with Confluence

Increasing your Corporate Memory with Confluence

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Increasing your Corporate Memory

What is a Corporate Memory

A collection of best practices, heuristics, process documents and other texts that help define how a business operates. Capturing, maintaining, and growing a knowledge base, selecting appropriate technologies, and motivating quality contributions are all key KM themes. This is the definition from Wikipedia.

How can I apply this

Confluence allows for a single common knowledge collection point that is shared by all. Each team member can add in their best practices as pages in Confluence and then share them with the team. Any presentations can also be uploaded and will be searchable in Confluence. Over time the corporate memory will grow as the content is added, saved, reused and improved.

How do I know that we are using this strategy

"Where should I put this form?", "Where should I document this process?", "How do I share this best practice I've learnt?" ... "In Confluence

How many of the 7 knowledge management concepts do you use? Can you make use of more features or functionality that would allow you to embrace even more of these strategies?

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