NGINX Performance tuning class on the way

NGINX Performance tuning class on the way

NGINX Performance tuning class on the way

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NGINX is known for its speed and performance advantages over other web servers such as Apache. However that does not necessarily mean that you can simply install NGINX and it will run better. You still have to think about the various performance tuning parameters and configuration options in order to optimise your server.

ServiceRocket currently runs two instructor led training courses on NGINX. We have NGINX Fundamentals and NGINX Advanced.

We are about to launch a third main instructor led training course titled NGINX Performance Tuning. The first public class on January 13 will be run in our brand new training center located in Palo Alto.

In the meantime, there's a performance tuning blog with 10 quick tips at Some of the tips are already covered in our existing NGINX courses, such as load balancing, reverse proxy and caching.

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