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Customers are telling us that they want to deploy their applications twice a day and are asking how to do this.

Atlassian are a great example of this, and in Penny Wyatt's outstanding presentation about how Atlassian does this, you will learn a new term, Quality Assistance. This is key in achieving your goal.

The basic concept is how the team have moved from a waterfall testing model, like this:

To a model which encourages developers as testers so that you get closer to this:


  • The JIRA team have 70 developers, but only 6 members working in QA.
  • Traditional model has separated the skills of building something and knowing if its good.
  • Atlassian approach QA as quality assistance, not assurance. The role is to protect customers and help educate developers.
  • Since adopting the approach outlined in the webinar they saw a drop in story rejection rate (issues coming back form QA team) from 100% to 4%.
  • Developers were coached in conducting exploratory testing during the development phase. Developers hold full responsibility for their code all the way to production.
  • Development cycle includes a kickoff with a QA team member and a demo after code complete.
  • QA team members work with teams of developers of 10-15 developers.
  • References to James Bach and Michael Bolton and context driven testing.

Key Takeaways

  • Software quality comes from people, not code. Change your culture and train them.
  • Improvement comes from questioning assumptions.
  • Constantly experiment.
  • Have fun!

Here is Penny's full presentation:

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Carl Hubbers | Contractor
Posted on Oct 30, 2017 (3 years ago)

Do you have the JQL for measuring Story Rejection Rate?

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