Dynamically loaded NGINX modules on its way

Dynamically loaded NGINX modules on its way

Dynamically loaded NGINX modules on its way

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If you have used NGINX as your web server before, you will know that there are two ways to install it:

  • Download the binary distribution
  • Build it from source
With the binary distribution you are limited to only the modules that are included in the build. So you have a particular third party module you want to use and it's not included, then your only option is to build NGINX from source. The problem with this is, if you want to include additional modules down the track, you have to re-build the whole server from source again.

The good news is that the need to re-compile your server will soon be a thing of the past. At the recent nginx.conf, dynamic modules was unveiled and in the following video, Ruslan Ermilov, a core developer on the project, shares with us, how it all works.

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