Atlassian's Heavenly Trinity

Atlassian's Heavenly Trinity

Atlassian's Heavenly Trinity

I recently came across an article titled "The holy trinity of issue tracking: New JIRA platform unveiled by Atlassian." It made me reflect on the past few months of training that I have done for existing and new customers of JIRA. Overall, the response to the new JIRA7 "trinity" offerings -- JIRA Core, JIRA Software, and JIRA Service Desk -- has been overwhelmingly positive.

What was once the Agile Add-on (and once-upon-a-time called Greenhopper) now became a seamless part of JIRA Software. JIRA plus the add-on for help desk became known as JIRA Service Desk.  And the gist of JIRA functionality without the other two simply became known as JIRA Core.

Overall, the tight integration that resulted in the products is a welcome change for the customers I have been training - from small non-profits to larger enterprises. And for customers who use all three, JIRA makes it easier to manage the permissions of each. 

As one customer put it, "JIRA was already great, and now it's better." Kudos, Atlassian.

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