NGINX vs Apache

NGINX vs Apache

NGINX vs Apache

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NGINX is the fastest growing web server on the market right now and according to is used by over 45% of the top 1000 websites (See the chart breakdown here). It's main rival is the long standing industry veteran Apache, which still holds the lead at 56.2% overall market share, compared to 25.8% for NGINX (As of Oct 12 2015).

One of the reasons for the high adoption rate of NGINX in top 1000 websites is the performance advantage over Apache. In our NGINX Fundamentals training the first thing that is covered is a quick comparison between Apache and NGINX. However a brief comparison does not do either product any justice. This blog ( by Justin Ellingwood at DigitalOcean gives a much more detailed comparison, highlighting the differences in architecture, configuration, file handling and more. It's a worthy read for anyone who has taken NGINX training and wants to further their knowledge or anyone who is thinking of taking NGINX training.  

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