NGINX, HTTP2, and the Future

NGINX, HTTP2, and the Future

NGINX, HTTP2, and the Future

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Since the standardization of HTTP2 earlier this year, and with 2016 upon us, many companies are adapting their platforms to adhere to this critical change in the web landscape. NGiNX is one of these companies, and they have big plans which they teased with their alpha 1.9.5 patch that covers some areas of the HTTP2 parameter including:

  1. Improving encrypted SSL traffic.
  2. Adjusting timeout of inactivity after a connection is closed.
  3. Adjusting maximum number of concurrent connections.

The implications that HTTP2 hold are good for business that require heavy server traffic, and because NGiNX is used by 40% of the world's most popular websites, it's a good time to brush up on our reverse proxy skills.

To learn more visit the NGiNX blog. Or sign up for an NGiNX training course!

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