7 Knowledge Management Concepts and How They Apply

7 Knowledge Management Concepts and How They Apply

7 Knowledge Management Concepts and How They Apply

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The power of your organisations knowledge can be unleashed through the application of knowledge management concepts and strategy. Please find below a list of common knowledge management strategies your organisation can use with Confluence.

Before you start reading I want you to take a minute and write down your current knowledge management strategy. This is a powerful benchmarking step in the process of rolling out a new knowledge management strategy, or adjusting an existing one. It gives you clear points of reference to observe and highlight change and measure it.

As you read through each of these bite sized concepts and strategies I want you to think about how these apply to you, how you can roll them out, and all the team members they can benefit. Some of these concepts you may already be doing and for these I want you to write down the tools you are currently using, how easy it is to login and access, and the awareness of the tool in your organisation. When your team is looking for an answer to a questions is the tool the first thing people in organisation will check?

When you look for an answer to a question, what are the steps you follow? Often answers to this include "Google it!", asking a trusted team member - who may jokingly refer you to Let me Google That for You, search your email history, search the shared file system and so on.

I want you to change that culture. I want you to instill a Knowledge Management culture. I want you to do this with a dedicated tool. A tool that everyone in your organisation is aware of and thinks "The first place I check when I'm looking for an answer is Confluence". A tool that uses common knowledge management concepts to help your organisation deliver a world-class Knowledge Management strategy.

Let us now walk through 7 knowledge management concepts. They are bite-sized chunks of knowledge that you can quickly and easily work through. See how they apply to Confluence and how you will know if your team is using them:

  • 1) Increasing your Corporate memory
  • 2) Harvest your Intellectual capital
  • 3) Facilitate Personal knowledge management
  • 4) Locate and engage tacit knowledge
  • 5) Facilitate knowledge transfer
  • 6) Encourage connections with social networking
  • 7) Level up your knowledge through the DIKW (data / information / knowledge / wisdom) pyramid

How many of these knowledge management concepts do you use? Can you make use of more features or functionality that would allow you to embrace even more of these strategies?

Does your team have a tool they immediately check for answering a question they don't know? If so, is your team aware of the tool? Do they have a login? Do they have the correct permissions? If so, are they aware of the knowledge strategies and the features and functionality used to leverage it? What is their baseline knowledge? Have they all attended a training course?

My goal for this stream post is that you become aware of the many powerful knowledge management strategies, see how they can apply, and know that you are using them in your organisation.

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