Level up your Knowledge through the DIKW Pyramid

Level up your Knowledge through the DIKW Pyramid

Level up your Knowledge through the DIKW Pyramid

Level up your knowledge through the DIKW (data / information / knowledge / wisdom) pyramid

What is the DIKW Pyramid?

Definition: The DIKW Pyramid refers loosely to a class of models for representing purported structural and/or functional relationships between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. "Typically information is defined in terms of data, knowledge in terms of information, and wisdom in terms of knowledge". Not all versions of the DIKW model reference all four components (earlier versions not including data, later versions omitting or downplaying wisdom), and some include additional components. This is the definition from Wikipedia.

How can I apply this

Application: Use the collected data to create information, knowledge and wisdom in your organisation.

How do I know that we are using this strategy

In Practice: "I saw a great blog post about a new trend, in our field we could use that knowledge to change the way we do XYZ" <improving own ideas through inspiration from unrelated sources

How many of the 7 knowledge management concepts do you use? Can you make use of more features or functionality that would allow you to embrace even more of these strategies?

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